FitBit Gets More Fit

FitBit Acquires VectorWatch

If you can’t beat ‘em, let them buy you. As part of its rapid expansion, athletic tech company FitBit has acquired Romanian smartwatch developer VectorWatch. Why this makes sense for FitBit: VectorWatch was known for its style and fashion forward as well as their month long battery life. Improved style and battery life are both areas where FitBit can improve, so this acquisition should help. . With this purchase, FitBit could be one step closer to making it’s rumored lifestyle smartwatch to compete with the iWatch. Best of all, it might allow your FitBit to last longer than a 10K run. (Source: Mashable)


Apple Defends Macbook Pro Battery Life

It seems the new Apple MacBook Pro is still lacking sufficient battery life…or is it? In a study done by Consumer Reports, the new laptop could not be recommended because of its inconsistent battery life. Of course, Apple quickly jumped to the new product’s defense, stating that the tests conducted by Consumer Reports were done using a hidden Safari setting that turns off the browser cache, and that they fixed the bug that was discovered during the test. The tech giant stated that the test did not reflect real world usage and that the laptop has been newly updated. We’ll believe it when we see it. We’re still fighting with each other about who gets to use the outlet next after just an hour of usage. (Source: Mashable)


Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers

Without warning, Apple has pulled the Finder App that helps users locate their AirPods. The AirPod finder would tell users when they were getting hot or cold when searching for their missing headphones. The App was $3.99 and those who downloaded the app can email Apple and ask for a full refund. Word on the street is that the inaccuracy of the app may be the reason why they decided to take it down. Apparently, it was far from accurate when trying to locate headphones. Overall, it’d just be nice if we could go back to wearing the old headphones that required no charging and lasted forever. (Source: The Verge)



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