Fitbit for Your Dog

Kyon A Collar with GPS

Thinking of buying your furry friend a new collar? Why not go big with the Kyon? For a whopping $249.99 and $4.99 monthly fee, you can get a collar that tracks your dog’s location. The device alerts the owner via text when the dog has left the perimeter and displays “I am lost” with led lights on the collar. The owner’s phone number is also displayed. The collar monitors your dog’s happiness and alerts you when your dog needs a walk or if they are overheating. Kyon indicates the charge life is 30 days (maybe Apple and Tesla should call these guys). The Kyon is available for sale later this month and can be preordered here. Our favorite name is still Kyon’s competitor FitBark.(Source: Mashable)

Pregnancy Just Got Easier

Bloomlife is offering a wearable which helps keep track of baby contractions. Now expecting moms can just focus on the physical pain rather than the pain of tracking the contractions. The device is attached to a disposable patch that can last up to 7 days. It comes with a charger, disposable patches, and a monthly fee of $149. The device can be returned to Bloomlife to be recycled after use. No more guessing how far apart your contractions are.(Source: Mashable)


Samsung is adding quantum dot technology to their TV’s. Q dot technology allows for a perfect view from all angles, it is energy-efficient, and more durable. Samsung not only focused on the image quality but also on the aesthetics, software and TV set-up calling this Q-style. Q-style includes a built-in wall mount to help ease the mounting task for the users. Smart Hub is expected to be incorporated so TV owners can use their phone as a remote control. They are also eliminating cable clutter by introducing wireless soundbars for the TV. Looks like Samsung is getting a little Q-ambitious this year! We were on the Q train long before it was cool. (Source: Mashable)


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