Female Empowerment Statistics That Say “WOW”

Here’s a recap of what the video shares with us:

170 years from now women will earn as much as men. (Source: Million Women Mentors)

170 years from now 50% of bosses will be women. (Source: Gallup Economy)

9 out of 10 Private Equity Executives are Male. (Source: DOW Jones Research)

Only 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs are female. (Source: Catalyst)

Female financial advisors make 42% less than men doing the  exact same job. (Source: Narrow the Gapp)

Women make up less than 20% of the government officials in the world. (Source:  Center for American Women & Politics)

Only 17% of Silicon Valley tech workers are female. (Source: Business Insider)

Women are 25% less likely to have Internet access than men. (Source: Global Fund for Women)

Replacing a woman’s name on a résumé with a man’s name can increase her “worthiness of hire”. (Source: Rhea E. Steinpreis, Katie A. Anders, and Dawn Ritzke: “The Impact of Gender on the Review of Curricula Vitae of Job Applicants and Tenure Candidates: A National Empirical Study)

We make up 60% of the work force. (Source: US Department of Labor)

Teams with women statistically outperform teams without. (Source: DOW Jones Research)

Companies with women on their boards outperform all-male boards by 26%. (Source: National Center for Women & Technology)

We control 80% of the consumer buying power. (Source: Center for American Progress)

And the future is bright as 70% of all college valedictorians are women. (Source: Women Moving Millions)

Girl Scouts now have badges for robotics, video-game design and beyond. (Source: Girl Scouts)

The youngest recipient ever of the Nobel Peace Prize is a girl. (Source: Wikipedia)


About the Author: Erik Qualman

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