Facebook’s Attempt At Snapchat..Again

Facebook’s Attempt At Snapchat..Again

Ding, ding, ding, round 6 has begun. Facebook is taking another jab at creating a Snapchat-like camera app. The app is supposedly being built by a team in London and will allow users to share live stream videos as well as integrate seamlessly with Facebook, Instagram, and other FB owned apps. Within the last two years alone, Facebook has attempted camera feats with the use of Riff, Bold, and Slingshot to name a few. There hasn’t been an official statement released yet, but it sounds like they’re going to give it another whirl. Maybe the sixth time’s a charm. (Source: Mashable)

Ending the Twitter Abuse

What do you do if harassing tweets pile up? Twitter’s new update now allows for multiple harassing tweets to be reported at once. Before, users had to report tweets on a singular basis which made it hard to actually report the abusive context and efficiently get the tweets reported and removed. The ability to attach multiple tweets in the initial reporting stage reduces the need for Twitter’s safety team to request more info. It’s a small step for Twitter but they’re moving in the right direction. Ever wonder about your digital reputation? We’ve got you covered here. (Source MSN)

Ransomware Crime Speeding Up

So far 2016 has shown no end to ransomware crime, with attacks increasing tenfold over last year. Cyber criminals current target? Local police departments. Hackers are spreading “ransomware” viruses to law enforcement agencies all across the US and seizing control of their computer systems. Confidential files are taken hostage and departments are made to either pay using untraceable digital currency, Bitcoin, or risk having the files deleted. The cost for victims so far is upwards of $200 million and considering that’s only for known attacks it could be much more. Our question is where’s Liam Neeson when you need him? #FilesTAKEN (Source NBC)

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