Facebook Places: Top 10 Most Embarrassing Posts

Top 10 Embarrassing Facebook Places Posts

  1. Bill received a free can of baked beans at Costco with his engagement ring purchase!
  2. Free hockey puck & wolf hunting ammo when voting for Sarah Palin
  3. 25% off used toupee at House of Wigs
  4. Joe just received 10% off Swedish Breast Pump at Babies “R” Us
  5. Kim took advantage of 2 for 1 KFC Double Down Sandwiches
  6. Dan just received 25% off European Carryall (aka “Murse” or “Man Bag”) at Coach
  7. Borders gave Bob a free cooking apron with his purchase of Barry Manilow’s greatest hits
  8. Barb purchased a mustache waxing kit for 20% off! at CVS
  9. Jim just neutered his dog for 1/2 off at PETCO!
  10. Sally purchased Divorce for Dummies at B &N for 1/3 price!

With Facebook’s recent announcement that Facebook Places will now be able to effectively serve coupons and discounts based on your geo-location.  I thought it would be fun if all of us posted some potentially embarrassing posts around our purchases.  Above are 10 to start, but please add your own in the comments field or tweet them to @equalman.

In other words, we are going to often be placed in the predicament of deciding if a coupon/discount is worth said coupon being posted for the world to see on Facebook.  Right now, your actions via Facebook Places will automatically post to your Facebook wall.

My guess is that at some point soon Facebook will make your coupon receipt/purchase optional on whether you post it on your wall or not.  Otherwise, places like Victoria’s Secret, Chippendales and Fredrick’s of Hollywood may be left out in the cold. If you aren’t familiar with the KFC Double Down an image is on the right showcasing all its glory: 2 pieces of fried chicken sandwiching 2 pieces of cheese and 2 pieces of bacon.

Other posts from readers [send yours in today]

@CaseyChesh submits:

  1. Free Justin Bieber Poster with the purchase of his new CD (It’s just for your niece right?)
  2. Two for the price of one Marriage Counseling (because who doesn’t love having your parents ask you about your Facebook status?)
  3. 6 months free on eHarmony (you’re single right?)
  4. $25 off Driver Safety Course (5 points off your license!)
  5. 50% off tickets to the Nutcracker Ballet (suuuuure it’s a gift)
  6. $100 off Resume Writing from Monster.com (are you linked to any co-workers? Your boss?)

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