Facebook Messenger Reaches 1 Billion Users

Facebook Messenger Reaches 1 Billion Users

Round of applause for Facebook Messenger earlier this week they reached one billion users. This is kinda a big deal not only because it’s a HUUUGE number but because of how fast the first standalone Facebook app achieved this. Facebook Messenger debuted 5 years ago (how we lived before this, I’m not sure). Within the last 20 months the number has doubled. Some can argue this is because Facebook requires you to separately download the app on mobile, which is a bit annoying. Reminder that Facebook also owns WhatsApp which is also in the billion member club. Congrats Facebook Messenger, we <3 you. (Source: Recode)

Twitter Says Troll Off

Internet trolls. Can’t live with them but don’t have the option to live without them. Internet trolls are known as those who sit behind their computers on their accounts posting rude comments, starting arguments or spamming others. Basically just some losers bullying across the Internet in their spare time. Trolls are allowed to do what they want because of free speech. But at what point is it unacceptable? Twitter recently had to answer this question.

Known Twitter troll, Milo Yiannapoulos trolled so hard that he got himself banned for life. Yiannapoulos is an editor at a conservative news outlet and spends his time spreading hate and negativity. The final straw that got him banned was his abusive and racist messages sent to Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones. Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, said they don’t ban people for expressing thoughts but targeted abuse and inciting abuse against others isn’t allowed. This is bringing up some criticism as many indicate Yiannapoulos has a right to free speech and #freemilo began to trend on the site. People are breaking it down every which way from the government laws to the Twitter terms. One thing we can agree on is that trolls suck. (Source: Huffington Post)

Pokemon Go Launches in Japan

Pokemon Go hasn’t Pokemon Gone yet (surprisingly). In fact, it’s growing. The augmented reality app that has people crashing into cop cars and encouraging people to do physical activity all to catch Pikachu is growing. Pokemon began in Japan (created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995) but it seems like they are the last one’s to get on the Pokemon Go train. McDonald’s has taken on the role of being the app’s first sponsor, making 3,000 of their stores Pokemon Go gyms. The app launch coincided with a Japanese school holiday which gives everyone more time to play and makes their downloads boost. Smart move. (Source: TechCrunch)

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