Facebook Ads Upgrading

Facebook Rolls Out New Target Ads

All mobile Facebook users will be seeing more of what they like a lot more often. Thanks to an expansion of the dynamic ads regimen, Facebook has launched a new type of that will help businesses showcase services in which certain customers have shown specific interest. Included with the new format will be link downloads to company apps to draw more leads in. This new ad format is great for companies looking to draw users from their websites to their apps. The launch of the ad came at great timing, research has found that more app downloads occur during the holiday season. Yay for more advertising! (Source: Mashable)

Samsung Ditches Physical Buttons for New Galaxy S8

More and more, physical buttons and switches on devices are being replaced by screens. This same approach will be used for Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone, the Galaxy S8. This new device will ditch the typical home button found on Iphones and most other devices for a full touch screen on the phone’s front side. The phone is set to debut in March or April of next year, and reports are rumoring that Apple’s next Iphone will carry a similar design. Gee, what a surprise there. Competitors coming out with look-alike products? Never heard that one before. (Source: Mashable)

New Smart-Spoon Helps People Eat Easier

Ever get frustrated with a conventional spoon? A new solution by Liftware may be for you! The ‘Liftware Level’ is a smart-spoon equipped with sensors that detect intended and unintended hand movements, which make the spoon move from a down position up to a straight position. This helps people with disabilities like cerebral palsy, stroke defects and other injuries eat much easier. The device runs on battery for up to 1 hour of use, and throws away the stress of eating with a regular spoon by putting the ease and joy back into eating. (Source: Mashable)

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