Equifax Breach Impacts Millions

Fax (Not) the Way I Like It

Following the Equifax fiasco, customer complaints and criticism continue to roll in. During the Equifax breach last week, hackers stole data from more than 143 million Americans. This collection of full names, birth dates, addresses, and social security numbers can be used to steal identities, and regulators are begging customers to freeze their credit reports. An Equifax spokesman stated the data file “likely contains a very limited number of names and numbers that do not connect to real people. But to reiterate, the key point is that every person potentially impacted is in the file.” Nowadays it’s not enough just to change your password. Find out what you should do here. Better to be safe than sorry! (Source: TechCrunch & Wall Street Journal)

You Had Me at Zello

A walkie-talkie app launched in Russia ten years ago has topped the U.S. app store due to the recent events of Hurricane Harvey (and now Irma). The Houston Chronicle featured Zello, which has been widely used by the “Cajun Navy” of volunteers to coordinate rescue missions after Harvey. Available in over 20 languages, the app provides a free outlet for up to five users to communicate. Zello now boasts 100 million worldwide users and has added six million over the past week. If you live in the areas affected by Harvey and Irma, download the app and lend a helping hand. (Source: TechCrunch)

Shop It Like It’s Hot

As retailers continue to battle with online services and attract more customers, Nordstrom has (maybe) found a solution: stores without merchandise. Wait – a clothingless department store? The concept, dubbed Nordstrom Local, provides services such as manicures and tailoring and opens up October 3 in West Hollywood, California. In addition to manicures, customers will also be able to order alcohol, coffee, or juice in-store or pick up their online order in person. If this new economic model actually works, Macy’s and J.C. Penney might have to follow suit. (Source: Wall Street Journal)


Our thoughts are with those affected by the tragedy of 9/11 today and every day.

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