Elon Musk Has a Secret

Elon Musk Has a Secret…Secret, Secret.

Elon Musk has a secret, and the Internet is blowing up trying to figure out what it is. He tweeted that he is working on “Part 2 of Tesla Master Plan.” Part 1 was “building a sports car, using that money to build an affordable car, and using that money to build an even more affordable car.” Musk did hint at the possibility of bringing Tesla and SolarCity panel company together. 4.39 million of his Twitter followers included an article about the Tesla and SolarCity merger and tweeted, “I already put in my 2 cents on Tesla 2.0,” in response to Musk’s tweet. Musk replied saying, “something like that.” He also weighed in on the possibility from a user’s post about the potential merger. Way to be secretive Musk. (Source: TechCrunch)

Fuseproject Studio Develops Robotic Furniture

Ori is robotic furniture that transforms a single bedroom into a multitude of rooms. Yes, real, physical furniture. Need an office? No problem. What about a walk-in closet? They have you covered. Indoor bowling alley? Well, I wouldn’t go that far. Fuseproject Studio has developed Ori as a means to convert single rooms like studio apartments into a full-sized apartment. All you have to do is toggle a control panel on the side of the bureau to move the bureau to different sides of the room. It also slides different furniture compartments in and out to switch up the type of room you’d like. For example, if you need a bed use the control switch to slide out a bed from underneath the bureau. The technology was inspired by Japanese origami. The only problem is you can’t go to Target to pick Ori up – the company is working with real estate developers to have them installed in apartments. However, people are concerned with the increase in rent that will occur when these installments rollout. (Source: CNET)

What to Say When Someone Asks What Your Superpower Is…

Mind control. Segway creator Dean Kamen has created a mind-controlled prosthetic arm. The design has been under development for almost a decade, and finally received the approval from the FDA in 2014. Now they’re planning on rolling out the technology later this year. Electrodes from the prosthetic arm picks up electrical signals from muscles when the user tenses or flexes their arm. The arm is able to delicately pick up an egg to lifting heavy objects. The LUKE arm, named after Luke Skywalker – no really, is not the only prosthetic limb on the runway. A company in Sweden created osseointegration, which actually attaches to the user’s bone to create a more direct interface between nerves, muscles, and arm. DEKA’s Mobius Bionics, LLC. funded the project and the LUKE arm was built by Universal Instruments Corporation. Science rules. (Source: Mashable)

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