Ebay’s New Amazon Prime-Like Delivery

Ebay Challenges Amazon Prime

In a crammed race for the top of the e-commerce industry, Ebay has stepped on the gas to try and pass Amazon. The online giant announced a program titled ‘Guaranteed Delivery’ this morning, offering online shoppers guaranteed 3-day delivery on 20 million eligible products. The program is expected to officially roll out in the summer, helping Ebay take the next step in challenging Amazon for the future of e-commerce. Huge news would have been if they deliver next day, which would best Amazon’s two-day Prime promise.  Amazon has an estimated 65 million Prime users worldwide. (Source: TechCrunch)


Austin Ride Sharing Apps Crash SXSW Party

Startups Fasten, Fare and RideAustin saw SXSW, the annual technology, film, music and media gathering in Austin, Texas, as their biggest test since replacing Lyft and Uber as the city’s ride-hailing services. With heavy rain on the first weekend causing 12x the average demand for cars, the platforms  crashed. Riders couldn’t get rides and drivers couldn’t get riders. Not a good look. The hope is that Austin can be a groundswell for a third competitor to the Uber and Lyft duopoly. However, it still looks like there is a long road ahead. (Source: Bloomberg)


Cat Ears Fix Posture

Bad posture? Use Neko Electro cat ears to fix it. The ears come as a headband that can detect motion and posture. Utilizing a easy 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, the furry, cat ear-shaped headband can detect movement — particularly when your head starts to bob and weave in your human resource training. Wearing cat ears in an HR training is always a good conversation starter btw. The ears begin to flutter and vibrate the moment the user slouches forward. Sure, there are other ways to remind yourself to stand up straight, but why miss the chance to wear cat ears or simply use them to remind your child. (Source: Mashable)


This motivational speaker spoke at SWSW on everything tech.

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