Dutch Zoo Launches Tinder for Orangutans

Dutch Zoo Launches Tinder for Orangutans

Tinder has found new users with a more animalistic side to them. The mobile dating app has inspired zoo researchers at a Dutch Zoo to replicate a program like Tinder to help the mating process for orangutans. The program is being tested in the Apenheul primate park in Apeldoorn with Samboja, who is now “swiping left or right” for her new mate. Researchers hope this will give them insight on how orangutans pick their partners, considering they can be very fickle when selecting a partner. (Source: The Cut)

iPhone #1 Again in Global Market Share

iPhone 7 sales put Apple back on top as the world’s top smartphone vendor in the fourth quarter, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics, which attributed at least some of the growth to Apple’s ability to capitalize on Samsung’s recent missteps. The latter, of course, is referring to the Note 7 battery recall, which had led to exploding devices due to design defects. Apparently, exploding devices aren’t good for sales. In third place and climbing is Huawei, headquartered in Shenzen, China. (Source: TechCrunch)

Facebook’s New Robocop

Facebook is focusing on eliminating spam, fake news, and unnecessary items from user feed. To this end, the social media giant is implementing an AI solution to police News Feed pages. Although not the same as Jarvis, Mark Zuckerberg’s personal AI voiced by Morgan Freeman, this particular AI makes use of machine learning, having been fed verified fake news stories and spam, so it is trained to eliminate such instances in the future. On the downside, there will be no more “Trump Meets First Alien in the Oval Office” headlines. (Source: Android Headlines)

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