Donald Trump Caught Using a Fake Name

There’s a New Guy In Town

Fasten, a startup ridesharing service, is making it’s way to Austin, Texas as Lyft and Uber have recently shut down in the area. As of now, Boston is the only city using their services. Since Lyft and Uber refused to fingerprint their employees, they were forced to leave the city. Fasten on the the other hand, is willing to adhere to the regulations. “We’re reaching out to the drivers of Austin and signing them up as they come,” said Fasten CEO Kirill Evdakov. “This is happening quickly so our app will be available to riders shortly.” Fasten provides insurance, liability coverage and each driver is screened to make sure they have a clean record. Fasten up, it’s about to be a safe ride. (Source: CNET)

What to Do When You’re Not as Sneaky as You Think…

Deny, deny, deny. The Washington Post has uncovered some juicy gossip on Donald Trump. Supposedly, the boastful Republican nominee use to call journalists back in the day using an undercover name of “John Miller” or “John Barron” to make nonchalant, favorable comments about Trump (AKA himself). “Actresses just call to see if they can go out with him and things,” said John Miller. Madonna “wanted to go out with him.” He was careful when referring to Trump as “he,” but some sources say he’s made a slip or too and used “I.” Trump testified in a court case in 1990 admitting at “one occasion” he used that name. Today, Trump denies all allocations to the connection between him and the publicist. The Trump got stumped. (Source: The Washington Post)

What to do when you break-up with your beau and have his name tattooed to your hip…

Delete.  Ephemeral is developing a unique ink that will allow you to change out tattoos after a year. Since tattoos require a lifetime commitment, unless you want painful laser removal, Ephemeral provides a complimentary removal process after you’re ready to change out your tattoo design. However, the design will fade out on it’s own within a year. A group of students from NYU introduced their startup business during last week’s Disrupt NY 2016. (Source: Digital Trends)

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