Cyber Attacks in Light of Presidential Election

With the upcoming election, sketchy cyber hacks are bound to happen. Recently, the FBI started investigating suspected hacks to phones used by Democratic Party officials. U.S. officials believe that the offenses were orchestrated by hackers backed by the Russian government. Why? The Russian government possibly wants “to disrupt the Nov. 8 election in which Clinton faces Republican Party candidate Donald Trump.” But, the Russian government has dismissed allegations they were involved in the cyber-attacks. The FBI has no comment regarding the hacking, and a Clinton spokesman said they are unaware of the suspected hacking. The only thing the FBI is said to have done is meet with a small number of Democratic Party officials. We also don’t know how many people have been affected by this cyber hack. What could be at stake? Everything. Bruce Schneier, a cybersecurity expert, says that “in a sense, your phone is your office brain.” So the alleged hackers have a wide range of information at their fingertips, including call logs, text messages, emails, photos and contact lists. (Source: Reuters)


Spotify’s New Daily Mix

Ever get tired of listening to the same old music on your playlists or just don’t know how to discover new music? Well, Spotify’s new feature has got you covered. Spotify has recently updated their new discover music feature. Instead of refreshing your discovery playlist weekly and only adding 2-hours of music, they are now updating your discovery playlist daily with a “seemingly endless” amount of music, called the Daily Mix. This feature is also categorized by genre. For example, if you’re into country, hard rock, pop punk and oldies music, you can have four Daily Mix playlists based on your four favorite genres. You can also ban or heart songs on the playlists. If you ban, the song will never be on your future Daily Mixes and if you heart a song they add it your existing music collection.To get this feature in your library, you must have the latest version of Spotify on Android or iOS, available to both free and premium users. Spotify has disclaimed that if you are a new user “you will be able to access Daily Mix after approximately two weeks of listening.” This feature will be coming to additional platforms soon. (Source: Mashable, Spotify News)


Home Depot Takes Questionable Item Off Their Shelves

Many brands have recently come into hot water after selling a product that seems like a funny or great idea to the retailer, but strikes the wrong chord with their customers. Most recent to suffer is Home Depot Canada. Home Depot recently put a Peeping Tom Halloween decoration on their shelves. On their website the product is listed as a “realistic face, looking just like a real man peering through the window.” After many complaints stating it ‘makes light of a real-life sinister issue that women face,’ they are planning to take it down. (Source: CNBC)


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