Cutting the Cord on Cable

YouTube TV

In hopes of killing your cable box, YouTube has launched its live TV streaming service, YouTube TV. San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago are the 5 lucky pilot cities, and also where Comcast and Time Warner executives will be updating their resumes. Priced at $35 a month, the app crams all the popular networks (ABC, Fox, NBC, ESPN, Disney, etc.) into one app that can be used across multiple devices. Grab your bat, find an open field and smash your cable box Office Space style. The best news is hopefully this is the tipping point for what we really want – a la carte: $5 for ESPN and $5 for Game of Thrones. (Source: TechCrunch)


Twitter Lite

Got a tweet you absolutely need to send out, but don’t have a reliable internet connection? Enter Twitter Lite, a new app that allows users to send out tweets from anywhere, with faster speeds and less data usage. The social media giant claims the app can save up to 70% on data, while loading 30% faster on most 3G devices. Developed in partnership with Google as a progressive web app, with all the same features as the normal Twitter app. The WiFi in the White House can be a bit spotty, so Trump is pumped. (Source: The Verge)


Hyperloop One

Executives from Los Angeles-based startup Hyperloop One will be gathering in Washington D.C. to make 2 major announcements. The company has completed its Nevada test track for its futuristic transportation system, and the company is researching other potential regions. SVP for Global Operations Nick Earle stated that President Trump has spoken of wanting to spend up to $1 trillion to improve U.S. infrastructure. Hyperloop One is hoping to nudge members of Trump’s administration in the direction of including its 760 mph transportation system…which allows us to coin the phrase “A Hyperloop to Nowhere.” (Source: The Verge)

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