Clinton Campaign Trolls RNC

Clinton Campaign Trolls RNC

The Republican National Convention has been taking place in Cleveland, Ohio. You might’ve seen #RNCinCLE trending on Twitter over the past few days. The Clinton Campaign has decided to have some fun with the convention, which they obvi aren’t participating in. Purchasing anti-Trump geofilters on Snapchat, the Clinton Campaign is trying to discourage those voting on the other side. A couple of these cheeky geotags include yellow caution tape saying “Stop Trump” and quoting Trump’s GOP Rival John Kasich saying, “Why would I feel compelled to support someone whose positions I kind of fundamentally disagree with.” The ads disclose they were paid for by Hillary for America which is basically a big burn from the Dems. (Source: Recode)

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Image from Recode

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Image from Recode

Google Has a New App

Art lovers everywhere listen up! Google has developed a new app called “Arts & Culture” that will allow you to experience thousands of artists and artwork from over 70 countries, without actually going to the museums themselves. Incredible right? But wait there is more! After exploring the app, you will find cool features like virtual museum tours, curated stories, filters for the artwork (medium, color, art movement, etc.) and an artist timeline which depicts how the artist has evolved over time. The app even features a history page for all those history buffs out there. (Source: Mashable)

Man Playing Pokemon Crashes Car Into Policeman

When is the Pokemon Go trend going to come to an end? Hopefully sooner rather than later considering people are now crashing into cop cars while trying to chase Pikachu. In Baltimore, a police car was parked with two officers standing next to it (conveniently wearing body cameras to capture the whole thing). Baltimore Police tweeted out a video,reminding people to #PlaySafe. Wait, playing video games while driving isn’t safe? (Source: Gizmodo)

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