Chewbacca Mom Becomes a Celebrity

Chewbacca Mom Becomes a Celebrity

In case you missed it, last week Texas mom Candace Payne bought a Chewbacca mask and was really happy about it. After buying the mask in a Kohl’s store, she walked to her car, put it on and laughed and laughed and laughed while filming it of course. HerFacebook Live video gained a record of over 135 million views, being the most watched Facebook Live video ever. Since basically everyone has seen this, it was only a matter of time until talk shows invited Chewbacca mom to come onto their shows. She and the mask appeared on Good Morning America and The Late Late Show last week. And the mask has sold out everywhere. Chewbacca mom for the win. (Source: Independent, Mercury News)

Farewell Facebook Trending Topics

Amid controversy that Facebook is biased when it comes to the Trending Topics section, they are making a change. Facebook general counsel, Colin Stretch, said in a letter Monday that the site would discontinue to use other websites, media outlets, top 10 lists and RSS feeds to determine the trending topics. Facebook did say during an internal investigation they did not find any biases and actually found that the amount of conservative and liberal topics were identical. Moving forward, Facebook says they will be clearer in explaining how they do this. (Source: Mashable)

TBT Myspace

Remember Myspace and the drama the came with your top 8?  Back in February, Time Inc. bought Myspace and all was going well we thought. Yesterday, Time Inc. announced 360 million Myspace accounts usernames and passwords were up for sale on a hacker forum. Rumor has it that the hacker’s name is ‘Peace’ and he is associated with LinkedIn and Tumblr hacks. If you created a Myspace before 2013, your info could be up for grabs…scary stuff. (Source: Wired)

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