Catch the Olympic Torch on Twitter

Twitter Is on Fire!
Twitter has a new hot account – the Olympic torch. Confused? The Olympic torch (@OlympicFlame) has created its very own Twitter account, tweeting from the traditional relay run that finishes at the Olympic stadium in Rio, Brazil on August 5. The torch ‘takes’ pictures of the places it has been and posts and tweets about the experience. The flame even goes LIVE on Periscope. The event is a 106-day relay involving around 12,000 torchbearers running 12,500 miles through more than 300 Brazilian cities. With only 7.6K followers, the Olympic torch is assumed to gain a lot more as the word spreads. (Source: Yahoo Tech)

What Comes After Facebook?
Airtime. Sean Parker, the guy who helped Facebook enter the big leagues, is wanting to launch a new social media platform. Airtime is an app based on almost entirely real-time video. The idea is to share content but enjoy the shared content in real time with your friends. Parker tried launching the idea back in 2012, but the app glitched and popularity resided, so it was shelved until last week when it relaunched again. The app allows you to create “rooms” up to 250 people simultaneously taking part in sharing content. You can watch the video here. (Source: CNET)

In Case You Missed It…
Lyft launched its first national television campaign to raise awareness about their ridesharing service. Summed up, the commercial says we all suck at driving and there’s too much to deal with like traffic jams and tickets, so we should all take a Lyft instead. “Riding is the new driving,” said Jesse McMillin, Lyft’s executive creative director. “The mode of transportation that Lyft offers is a part of a new wave of how people get around.” Sounds like we’re heading in an era where driving ourselves around is no more. C’est la vie. (Source: VentureBeat)

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