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On this episode of the Super U Podcast, we’re sharing two separate interviews with co-host of The Underdog Podcast, Calvin Blackmon, and founder of 186Kloud, Stephen Hackett. Click here to subscribe to the Super U Podcast. Need a sneak peek? Below are the main takeaways from the episode.

Calvin Blackmon + Stephen Hacket | Super U Podcast:

[02:03]   Preview: Calvin Blackmon

“I was a kid who grew up in Dayton, Ohio, and I was fortunate enough to go to Miami University after just one year of varsity football and earn a scholarship and play four years of football at Miami University. And then, I earned a nickname called the big circus. So I will go with that as my superhero name. It’s a name that has been tattooed on my arm and a lot of my close friends and former teammates call me that. Then once that short-lived college career was over, I moved into the business world. And ultimately, kind of bounced around and then stumbled upon the podcast scene and, ultimately, my co-host. We formed The Underdog Podcast. He also runs a staffing agency that he started fresh after college, brought me on board some years back, and we’ve been a partner and teammates for quite some time now.”

[31:35] Preview: Stephen Hackett

“I avoid the obvious flow. Let me tell you about what to expect cloud. We’re a digital workplace transformation, consultancy, what we do is we help organizations move from the old into the new thinking about how they can use new technologies, communications technologies, to better their own peer-to-peer experience and their customer experience.

I think you should do something because you want to do it… You should do it because you want to transform something, because you want to change something, because you want to leave a legacy and you’re right, the money will follow. It’s interesting that you mentioned Zappos because in your book Digital Leadership… the thing about Zappos is that they prove that you can tell product world thought was previously not transferable to online success, ie selling shoes online. And they created a business around customer service not selling, not selling the product itself per se.  So right now we’re in this whole kind of difficult situation in terms of what we call in the UK, the high street where high street businesses are struggling against, I think the inevitable, right. And I think the pandemic has just accelerated the inevitable. You know, and I think that there are lots of high street businesses that are now realizing that for many reasons that retailing on the high street is a zero-sum game.”

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