Buffett and Apple Join Teams

Buffett and Apple Join Teams

On Monday, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. announced that earlier this year the investment company dished out a small 1 billion dollar gamble on Apple. This comes as a surprise since Buffett said 4 years prior he will not be investing in Apple or technology firms for that matter, stating “I just don’t know how to value them.” The move was made by Buffett’s proteges Todd Combs and Ted Weschler showing how much slack Mr. Buffett is willing to give. The investment ultimately boosted Apple’s market value by more than 18 billion. Time will answer the age old question if the investment will pay off, for now all we can do is sit back and wait. (Source WSJ)

Swapping the Old For the New

Twitter is changing how they count characters in your tweets. Twitter will no longer be counting photos and links for the 140-character limit. If you’re wondering why, it’s because Twitter wants to start becoming more flexible and user-friendly. CEO Jack Dorsey said earlier this year that Twitter plans to continuously experiment with different ways of delivering text. Originally the 140-character limit was in place because tweets had to adhere to text message limits, now we’re all twiddling our thumbs waiting for even 500 characters? (Source MSN)

What Happens When You Flash Your Boss
Congressional candidate Mike Webb committed a big time digital oopsie by posting a screenshot image displaying tabs with VERY apparent porn innuendos. In a post to his Facebook page, Webb was trying to show a Google result but accidentally included open tabs that read “ LAYLA RIVERA HOT BO” and “ IVONE SEXY AMATEUR.” Webb deleted the screenshot and uploaded a cleaner version and is claiming it was all a joke. No laughing matter. More to come on the fallout. (Source Telegraph)

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