Being Fearless with Kitty Hart

Today, Equalman sits down with Heroic Productions’ VP of Client Brand Experience, Kitty Hart. Heroic Productions is an experiential marketing agency that creates momentous and immersive experiences for their clients. Hart has spent the past 25 years helping clients design and execute their brand experiences upon the stages that are most important to them and their audiences. In this episode, Equalman and Hart discuss the benefits of utilizing LinkedIn to it’s full potential, Hart shares a crucial piece of advice given to her by Martha Stewart, new technologies that could potentially change live events forever, and she offers tips on how to better connect with your clients.

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Need a sneak peek? Below are the main takeaways from the episode.

Being Fearless with Kitty Hart

Episode Preview:

“We’ve seen a move from the early 90s when there started to be a shift from mass marketing to people wanting a more one-to-one experience. Fast forward to today, people, thanks to technology… it was technology that has really caused the biggest shift in consumer behaviors. So we as human beings, we generally want to go through as much of the sales process as possible on our own before we talk to a salesperson. And the internet allows us to do that. So most people, of course, you’ll come across people who will say, No, when I know that I need something, I want to go straight to a salesperson. Okay, I think they’re few and far between. But people generally want to do as much research as possible, till they feel equipped and ready. Alright, now I’m ready to talk to a salesperson, let’s get this deal done. The moral of the story to brands to companies, of all shapes and sizes is that if you have not infused technology into your sales process, you’re going to have friction, you’re going to have a really hard time reaching people and connecting with people.

Every day is different. Every client’s needs are different, every event is different. And it’s a really, really creative industry. Again, just kind of put into a nutshell what we do, we do corporate event marketing, and Corporate Event Marketing falls under the umbrella of experiential. So let’s say that we are working for a global company, and once a year, they bring their 1000s of employees together for education, celebration, product launch, whatever, whatever it might be. It’s usually at some wonderful destination. And it is a true stage production. So what I love about it is the creativity, the theatrical components of it, We’re thinking about how will this brand show up over the course of these three days, or four days or one day. Whatever it is? What is the staging going to look like? Who’s going to be on the stage? How do we make those people look and sound as good as they possibly can? And most importantly, when people walk away, the employees walk away from that event, they get on the plane and they go home, they are motivated, they’re energized, and they’re more bonded to the company that they work for. And so what I love about it is working with our clients to determine how do we do that. What are the different things that we can do? Who can we put on the stage? How do we present the key messages, a lot of moving parts.”

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