Baylor Football Coach & President (Kenneth Starr!) Fired For Sex Scandal

Drama at Baylor University. The Waco, Texas school has been caught mishandling sexual assault cases. Specifically cases regarding football players. Reports are saying that the university was encouraging students to not report accusations and essentially just sweep it all under the rug. Not okay. Yesterday, the university announced that President Kenneth Starr, would be fired as president, but will remain as a law professor and chancellor. It must be a class on how to break the law, get fired, but then be given responsibility for teaching tomorrow’s leaders. WTF. We’ll pass on taking one of his classes…

In case you forgot, Kenneth Starr is the lawyer connected with Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1998. The university also fired football coach, Art Briles, after 8 seasons. BFD as it has been the glory years of Baylor football. Briles was in trouble after many of his players had multiple sexual assault cases. Bad news all around. (Source:USA Today)

Shoulda, woulda, coulda. They should have read our Pulitzer Prize Nominated What Happens in Campus Stays on YouTube book like hundreds of other universities. If you have teenagers they need to read it too!

GoPro and Red Bull Partnership

Energy + action camera sounds like a perfect partnership. Everyone’s favorite action cam and energy drink are creating a multi-year global partnership. In the partnership, Red Bull will receive equity of GoPro, and GoPro will become Red Bull’s go to for their hundreds of media companies. Both companies like action sports so it only makes sense. (Source: CoCreate)

Disney and Netflix Partnership

FINALLY. Disney lovers everywhere are rejoicing because they can watch their favorite Disney classics on the one and only Netflix. Disney & Netflix agreed to provide Disney lovers a place to stream movies like Cinderella & Toy Story, but it will be the only place they can find these movies. Hulu and Amazon will have to say bye to Disney movie, and their users will have to say hello to a Netflix subscription for their dose of nostalgia. (Source: Gizmodo)

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