Barack Obama: Super U Podcast

Barack Obama: Super U Podcast

Our new episode of the Super U Podcast is live! The Super U Podcast delivers curated tips from top performers and thought leaders to help unlock and unleash your inner superpower. This week we feature Barack Obama, an American politician who served as the 44th President of the United States.

Obama, who was elected to presidency in 2008, was the first African American president to serve in office. He was reelected in 2012 and is well known for his efforts in expanding health care insurance and increasing economic growth.

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Barack Obama’s 7 Super Tips

  1. Follow your passion. Setbacks and failures are inevitable. Don’t let these stop you. Throughout history, all great leaders experienced setbacks. Thomas Paine was a failed corset-maker, teacher, and tax collector, yet, his book Common Sense made a mark on history. Julia Child didn’t publish her first cookbook until she was 50 years old. Colonel Sanders didn’t open his first Kentucky Fried Chicken until he was in his 60’s. Don’t let your failures crush your goals. Passion and commitment are what leads to success.
  2. Learn from failure. Failure is terrible but necessary. When you put yourself outside your comfort zone and try something difficult, there are times when you won’t succeed, even when you do everything right. This is true not only for politics but almost every occupation, especially entrepreneurs. It may sound cliche, but it is important to learn from these failures. Have resilience and analyze your mistakes.
  3. Devote yourself to a bigger purpose. There are two big problems with the ‘Me First’ approach to life. First, it distracts you from what is important and almost always leads to you compromising your values, principles, and commitments. Second, it distracts you from your devotion to a larger purpose. Instead, commit yourself to serve your country, customers, workers, shareholders, or community. That is the hallmark of real success.
  4. There’s no room for excuses. Inspire those who look up to you to expect more of themselves. Too many young people in our community continue to make bad choices or make excuses. There is no longer room for excuses; we have no time for excuses. In today’s hyper-connected world, no one will give you anything you have not earned, so take your goals into your own hands.
  5. Focus on what you want to do. Know what you are trying to accomplish and work for it. Worry less about who you want to be, and worry more about what you want to do. When you are more concerned with who you want to be, you might succeed in chasing that goal but not know what to do with it. Knowing your goal and working in pursuit of that goal is a true accomplishment.
  6. Have hope in dark times. It is easy to let troubling times cause us to feel cynical and competitive, but don’t let this cause you to give up. It is important to remain hopeful and keep working hard.
  7. Failures don’t define you. Real achievers don’t let struggles keep them from success. Everyone faces challenges in their lifetime. The important thing is to refuse to give up. Take responsibility for your lives, your education, and set your own goals. Achieve goals by committing yourself and working towards those goals. Being successful is hard, but some of the most successful people in the world are the ones who’ve had the most failures. Let your failures teach you and show you what to do differently next time. `

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The Super U podcast is hosted by #1 bestselling author and motivational keynote speaker Erik Qualman.


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