There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand

Amazon’s latest disruption comes in the most unlikely form: bananas. The company began handing out bananas in front of its headquarters in Seattle in December 2015 and has since expanded to two locations, passing out a total of over 1.7 million bananas. While considered a public service to some, Amazon’s idea doesn’t sound as a-peeling to the local produce market. Nearby stores have reportedly taken a hit from these stands, and once again local businesses are suffering under the growing presence of online retail giants. (Source: Wall Street Journal)


Zucker Punch

Mark Zuckerberg finally got his honorary degree yesterday after dropping out of Harvard 12 years ago. He arrived on campus to deliver the commencement address to Harvard’s freshest graduates, but hours before a hacker broke into The Harvard Crimson and posted mocking headlines to jab at the CEO – and no, it wasn’t the Winklevoss twins seeking revenge. On top of that, Facebook Live’s auto-caption system went off the rails during Zuckerberg’s commencement speech, mistakenly but hilariously transcribing the CEO’s wise words to the country’s elite. Who knew the best seats in the house were at home in front of our computers? (Source: The Verge)


Bitcoin’s Crypto-nite

Bitcoin’s worth skyrocketed to over $2,000 per coin after a shaky history of ups and downs. The price of a single bitcoin jumped 12 percent in just the past week alone. However, Bitcoin plunged once again just yesterday, marking a possible halt in its sudden surge. Coinbase, the world’s most funded bitcoin exchange, was forced offline by the sudden increase in trading traffic and demand for the space. Other cryptocurrencies, such as Ripple and Ethereum, increased approximately 10x and 2x over the past month. Only time will tell if Bitcoin’s success can survive long term. (Source: TechCrunch)

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