Arianna Huffington: Super U Podcast

Arianna Huffington: Super U Podcast

Our new episode of the Super U Podcast is live! The Super U Podcast delivers curated tips from top performers and thought leaders to help unlock and unleash your inner superpower. This week’s episode features tips from Arianna Huffington.

Huffington is an author, syndicated columnist, and businesswoman. She is the co-founder and former editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post and is currently devoting her time to a new startup, Thrive Global, a program focused on providing the latest strategies and tools around health and wellness. In 2009, Huffington was #12 in Forbes’s first-ever list of the Most Influential Women In Media and is now listed as the 52nd Most Powerful Woman in the World.

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Arianna Huffington’s 7 Super Tips

  1. Look After Your Well-Being. A business may have a great bottom line, but you are your most important capital. There are only so many withdrawals that can be made from our health bank account; we could all go bankrupt if no deposits are made. Always include well-being in the definition of success.
  2. Focus on What Really Matters. It can be liberating to complete a project by simply dropping it. Focus on what matters most to you. Ask yourself: “Are you living your dreams or are you living someone else’s dream?”
  3. See the Bigger Picture. Sleep is valuable. A way to a more productive, inspired and joyful life is getting enough sleep. Literally, sleep your way to the top. To be the best for our own careers and to be the best for the world is to discover the power of sleep.
  4. Maintain Your Sense of Wonder. Be delighted by the mysteries of the universe and the little things that feed into our lives. We are in control of our own lives and we are able to see and perceive anything the way we’d like.
  5. Failure Is a Stepping Stone. Fear is what stops us more than anything. Failure is not the opposite of success, it’s the stepping stone to success. Instead of educating others through your successes, talk about your failures.
  6. Stop Worrying. There is so much unnecessary worry and judgments about one’s self and so many negative fantasies about the future. Michel de Montaigne once said: “There were many terrible things in my life and most of them never happened.”
  7. Unplug and Uncharge. A lot of leaders have high degrees and IQ’s but make terrible decisions because they are missing wisdom. Regularly disconnect from technology, unplug and recharge so you can reconnect with your inner wisdom.

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The Super U podcast is hosted by #1 bestselling author and keynote speaker Erik Qualman.


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