Apple’s Secret Weapon

Apple Keeping Up in Maps Race

It seems Apple is adding an eye in the sky. To improve their Maps app and replace its current minivan structure, Apple is forming a team that will use remote-controlled drones to fly over areas and capture crucial information about streets, signs and traffic patterns. Apple has gained approval from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to utilize these drones to acquire images, videos, traffic information and other data. Once data is collected, it will be transmitted to Apple’s team to update its servers and will be shown to users of the app in real time. For those of you frustrated with Siri’s inaccurate and annoying directions via Google Maps, it may be time to give Apple Maps a try. (Source: TIME)

New Artificial Intelligence Entering Kid Toys

Even though companies like Hasbro and Mattel have been shoving recognition technology and microchips into kids toys for years, San Francisco-based startup Anki has developed a product that will change the game in tech-driven toys. Enter Cozmo, the small robot with a big brain. Equipped with motion sensors and cameras, Cozmo adapts to its environment right out of the box. It knows to avoid walls or objects in the way, recognizes your face and plays simple fun games like keep away. But that’s not all. This month, this little gizmo will be able to recognize pets and learn new words. With cuteness combined with intelligence, Anki believes Cozmo will be a big hit with consumers. (Source: TIME)

App Allows Behind the Scenes Look at White House

You can now go inside The White House, without physically going inside. On Thursday, the Obama Administration released an app titled 1600. The app gives users a behind the scenes look at the glorious history and events of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Once your smartphone is pointed at a dollar bill, the app grants users an inside look at The White House. Offering glimpses of past and current events of the historical site, helping users ignite their inner patriot…sort of. (Source: TIME)


Here is a motivational speaker for your next AI event.

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