Apple Forced to Pay Up to Ireland

Apple is said to write a large check today to Ireland. Like $14.5 billion large. The check comes after Ireland had granted illegal state aid to Apple which helped the tech company pay less in taxes meaning they get more of the cash. Newsflash – this didn’t go over well. The EU stepped in saying this isn’t going to fly, Apple you need to pay up. The EU isn’t messing around and is pointing fingers at Apple saying they formed a deal with Ireland to get the sweet deal of tax cuts while providing jobs when Ireland was in need – making it sound like a win/win for all. The drama doesn’t stop there. The U.S is saying wait a minute we think the EU is up to something, something that might have an effect on us. We’ll have to wait this one out. (Source: Bloomberg)


FBI Discovers Voter Registration Hack

This election season has already been a whirlwind of chaos. Another hack has yet again occurred; this time to the Illinois and Arizona voter registration databases. This comes not long after the DNC had a breach and officials said all eyes were on Russia. This time officials are saying the hackers are based overseas but no specific locations have yet to be named. The FBI is on it to figure out who is trying to disrupt the US election. If you are one of the millions of people living in Illinois or Arizona, what kind of information was taken? Names, addresses, birthdays, driver license numbers. The main concern here is that hackers may change this personal information which would deny people access from the polls on Election Day. Yikes. (Source: USA Today)


Tesla Makes Some Rules To Autopilot

When Tesla announced that their cars would have an autopilot feature, people were pumped and paying an additional $3,000 just for the feature. But after some crashes with autopilot, Tesla is updating their software to stop those abusing the feature. We’re basically taking away a toy from a child. Tesla drivers who ignore the autopilot commands or disregard the safety prompts are soon to be banned. Autopilot will disengage and not begin again until the car has stopped and come to park. Womp womp. (Source: Mashable)

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