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Apple has just released the highly anticipated iOS 10 yesterday. In less than 24 hours, many have had major complaints regarding the new update. Users are reporting that after updating their phone with the new iOS 10, their phone was put into recovery mode. Also known as iPhone death. In order to take their phone out of recovery mode, users must wipe their device’s memory and reinstall iOS 9.3.5 and then retry the whole update again. Apple has already announced that this issue has been fixed, thank you Apple. If you’re still skeptical about the update working, our co-worker has already successfully updated and “loves it.” Good news. (Source: Mashable)

Apple’s New iOS 10 Update

It’s no secret that the new iOS update is jammed packed with cool features. Here are a few hidden features you can explore upon successfully adding the iOS 10 update:


  1.      Control the brightness of your flashlight. Just press and hold the flashlight icon and you will get the options bright, medium, or low.
  2.       Close all tabs in Safari. Instead of having to close all your tabs one-by-one, you can close all your tabs by holding your finger on the tab button (looks like two boxes) and choose the “close # tabs” option.
  3.       Doodle on your photos. The photo app allows users to now make doodles on any photo using the Markup feature.Tap the edit button and then “…” menu. Perfect for drawing hearts around your dog’s face.
  4.       Siri does selfies. You can now ask Siri to “take a selfie” and she will open the front facing camera. But you still have to press the shutter button.
  5.       The Map app now has access to third party apps, like Yelp and OpenTable. Access these by clicking on a location and the card will link relevant apps.
  6.       Handwriting in Messages. iMessage now allows you to add handwritten messages by turning your phone to landscape while in iMessage via text. Autographs via text.
  7.       Our co-worker really likes the feature that allows you to add effects to text messages. Add a blast of confetti, a laser show, or invisible ink. Access this by pressing and holding the send button, which brings up the screen and bubble effects option. (Source: Mashable)


Apple Watch S2

Also in the world of Apple, the new Apple Watch Series 2 (S2) delivers on the promise of giving users a gadget that can quickly accomplish simple tasks. The new watch is completely waterproof and offers a Swimming Mode. The Swimming Mode will lock the screen so water doesn’t trigger the touch screen when entering and exiting the water. This new mode can also calculate your stroke type, as well as heart rate, duration of workout and the pool length you wish to complete. When you’re done swimming, switching the Swimming Mode off will send pulses of sound through your watch’s speakers to clear the speakers of water. The watch is also slightly thicker than the previous watch due to a larger battery and has a noticeably larger screen. (Source: TechCrunch)

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