Amazon Teases Future of Grocery Shopping

Amazon’s New Way to Shop with Smartphones

If you’re like everyone else, odds are you hate waiting in the long checkout line at the grocery store. Starting in early 2017, Amazon is solving that issue. Amazon Go is a new kind of grocery store that provides shoppers the opportunity to grab what they need and just walk out. Shoppers simply open the Amazon Go app on their smartphone to enter the store, find and take the items they need, and say “k bye” as they walk out the store. Using sensor fusion, computer algorithms and deep learning technology, the Amazon Go app can track what you take from the store and charge your account. With this approach, Amazon will save you time, money and pulling your hair out! (Source: Mashable)

Google’s New App Helps Loved Ones Find Each Other In An Emergency

In the event of a natural disaster or emergency, reaching out to loved ones is imperative. However, if there’s been a major incident like a natural disaster, this can be difficult to do. With Google’s new Trusted Contacts app, users can locate a loved one’s location at any point in time. On Apple’s Find My Friends, users can only locate their contacts by default. Trusted Contacts lets you see information about their whereabouts, if they’re online, and if they’ve been moving around. With the push of a button though, users can broadcast their location at any time. This way, users can see where their loved ones last were and if they are online. Even if the user’s phone battery dies, Trusted Contacts still lets you see where the user last was. So for you kids thinking about sneaking out in the woods to cause mischief, think twice. Your mother knows where you are now, literally. (Source: Mashable)

New Technology Lets VR Users Utilize Hand and Finger Motion

For anyone who owns a virtual reality headset, your first instinct is to reach out and try to grab what you’re seeing in front of you. Now, tech-startup Leap Motion has constructed a way to actually integrate this action into VR experiences. Recently, the company created the program Orion, a new way for motion sensor technology to come to life. With faster connection speeds and advanced controls, the new module increases pleasure of the VR experience for users ten-fold. (Source: Mashable)

Here is a Top 5 Motivational Speaker for your next mobile event

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