Amazon Takes on Instagram and Pinterest

Amazon’s New Marketplace

Amazon launched Amazon Spark yesterday – think Instagram, but all around products we love with Yelp-like reviews next to them. Instead of like buttons Amazon calls them smiles. Amazon Spark is available through the Amazon mobile app, placing an entire marketplace in the palm of customers’ hands. For now, users must be Prime members to post on Amazon Spark. Non-Prime members can scroll, but they can’t post or comment. In the long run, Amazon Spark might replace product reviews and even lay groundwork for a social network that thrives right on Amazon’s foundation. One Spark can start an entire fire. (Source: TechCrunch)



Made with Love (and Science)

From greenhouse gases, to overfishing, to animal welfare, the meat we eat and where it comes from is being scrutinized now more than ever. Memphis meats has successfully grown meatballs, fried chicken, and pork from stem cells in a lab. However today, a pound of this meat costs $18,000. But never fear! Another Silicon Valley company, Hampton Creek, says it will also have lab-grown meat in stores by 2018. Their eye is on fish, but the biggest challenge they’re facing isn’t scientific success. It’s changing public perception on food, health, and the environment. (Source: BBC News)


Google Glass is Back

It’s redemption time for Google Glass. The Enterprise Edition of the rollout of Google Glass may have found a new market and a second chance at life to help businesses speed up tasks in the workplace. Factory workers in industries like manufacturing and logistics may be the perfect match. Google’s pitch: Glass is a useful hands-free device for workers to look up instructions and checklists. The new Google Glass includes some major upgrades from the original model revealed two years ago which everyone expected to become the next portable computer. Glass EE has longer battery life, a better camera, a faster Wi-Fi processor, and a red light that functions while recording a video. The Glass EE module’s increased compatibility skill is the most impressive upgrade, and now the “Glass Pod” can attach to existing frames and reach a wider audience. (Source: The Verge & CNN tech)

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