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Alphabet and Goldman Want Their Money Back

Alphabet and Goldman Sachs are suing Outcome Health for breach of contract and alleged fraud. Outcome Health, an adtech startup, supposedly provided false facts and financial reports before Alphabet and Goldman invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the startup. Now the two investors want their money back. But even if they win the case, it may be harder than expected for Alphabet and Goldman to retrieve what’s due. Outcome Health reportedly owes somewhere in the ballpark of $300 million to creditors, so we’ll see if the investors receive justice. (Source: TechCrunch)


Apple Branches Out

Renown actresses, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, head up a new drama series created by not Netflix, not Hulu, but Apple. While Apple may be slightly new to the broadcasting game (they released their first original content just three months ago), the company secured the two celebrities as both executive producers and stars of the untitled show. No matter the result, this deal signifies Apple’s commitment to investing in its television venture on top of all its other branches. (Source: Wall Street Journal)


A[?] Can’t  Believe It!

Speaking of Apple… the tech company finally called the exterminator and fixed the bug in its latest iOS update. The text glitch wrecked havoc on GroupMe messages everywhere. iOS 11.1.1 will fix the glitch in iOS 11.1 that autocorrected “I” to A[?] and disabled Siri. Hey Siri, can you understand what A[?] am saying now? (Source: The Verge)


Face Mapping for Fashion

Warby Parker has never been your typical online glasses company. Their home try-on program, extremely #aesthetic retail locations, and hilarious Facebook Video series really set them apart. The Warby Parker iPhone X app has a new face mapping feature that analyzes your facial features and recommends the glasses that will look best. Now that I have my glasses, I’m looking into the future and hoping they’ll add Snapchat-style augmented reality try-ons. (Source: The Verge)


Do Your Job, Use Facebook at Work

Facebook Messenger launched a new customer service chat plugin for business websites. Customers can click on the hovering icon, talk directly with the business’s customer service rep, and continue the conversation across web, mobile, and tablet devices. Users are accustomed to the interface since 1.2 billion people already use Messenger on a monthly basis. The platform includes payments, bots, rich media, and other differentiating features. The plugin is currently in closed beta, but you can sign up here to stay in the loop. (Source: TechCrunch)


Sprint and T-Mobile Split Up for Good

Sprint and T-Mobile officially called off their wedding over the weekend. The two had been in negotiation for months, but in the end “the companies were unable to find mutually agreeable terms.” A similar incident between the two occurred in 2014, but the merger was called off due to regulatory concerns. SoftBank, which currently owns 82% of Sprint, plans to boost its stake in the company to 85% following the news of the breakup. SoftBank is like the overprotective parent that just won’t let go of their favorite child. I wouldn’t Bank on another potential merger any time soon. (Source: TechCrunch)


Congress Cracks Down on Tech

Facebook, Google, and Twitter underwent countless hours of questioning from Congress regarding how Russian actors used their platforms to influence Americans during the past U.S. presidential election. The companies’ lawyers were unable to answer certain questions, and in the end, left with a lot of homework to turn in. Some of the assignments include: finding out how many people were tricked by tweets that told them they could vote through text message, why Twitter reported that bot accounts make up 5% of all accounts when third parties claim the percentage is much higher, and how many fake accounts Google has, among other items. This is quite possibly the biggest group project the tech world has ever seen. (Source: Bloomberg Tech)


Samsung Takes a Bite out of Apple

The mobile rivalry continues as Samsung’s new commercial jabs at the new iPhone. Titled “Growing Up,” the ad follows the journey of an Apple fan and his ever present struggle to use his iPhone. In the end, he sees the light and upgrades to a Galaxy. But to Samsung’s disappointment, the iPhone X seems to be well received and an overall success. Good thing there are participation trophies now. A for effort, Samsung! (Source: CNET)


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