Africa Is a Test Market for Vital Supplies

The Future of Clean Water

“The world’s largest solar-powered computer” will provide electricity, clean water and Internet services for communities up to 3,000 people across Africa. More than two-thirds of the African population is currently without electricity, while 39 percent lack access to safe water. Watly, an Italian-Spanish startup, created the Watly machine. Currently, the machine is being tested in Ghana and will soon span out to other parts across the continent. The machine can filter water from a source of contamination to provide safe drinking water. Watly also uses solar energy through panels on its surface, which is converted into electricity, and contains a battery that powers a connectivity hub to provide wireless internet, which can also act as a charging station. (Source: CNN)

Drones Finally Making an Essential Impact

Zipline will deliver medical supplies to Rwandan health clinics. Delivering medicine and medical products to remote regions is difficult because of the lack of roads to get there. Zipline, a California-based robotics company, is partnering with UPS and Gavi to execute 150 drone deliveries per day to health facilities across western Rwanda. The drones should be able to deliver the supplies in about 30 minutes, which is an incredible step up from trying to travel on 95 percent of the African roads that wash out annually. “We’re a company of trucks and warehouses and people,” said Ed Martinez, president of the UPS Foundation. “If you have a resilient…supply chain, you’re going to save lives.” (Source: ZDNet)

Taking the Saying “Let’s Go Green” Literal

Bioo Lite is a potted plant that generates electricity from photosynthesis. Why should we care? The plant can charge your phone by plugging the cable into a USB adapter within the plant’s soil. The startup campaign is hoping to help the environment by not ever having to use electricity plugs again. How do I start? Well once you buy the plant; you remove the USB from inside the potted plant, add some water, shake it up a lil’, place your plant of choice inside, add some soil, then start charging. (Source:INDIEGOGO)

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