4 Ways To Introduce People on LinkedIn

4 Ways To Introduce People on LinkedIn


Introducing the right people builds trust and positions you as a leader.


Here’s the easiest way to introduce your LinkedIn contacts:

  1. Click your “Inbox” icon (looks like a cartoon message bubble) on the top right of any LinkedIn page.
  2. Click “Compose a new message” (blue circle with a pencil tab).
  3. In the “To:” field, type in the names of those you’d like to introduce (note: you must be connected already and the limit is 50 people—I recommend introducing only 2 people at a time).
  4. Write a personal message on why you are providing a connection and include insight on the benefit you see from the relationship.

Linkedin introduction

Linkedin profile

Another way to introduce people is to go to one of your contact’s profiles and select “Share Profile” from the “Send a message” drop-down menu. The main benefit of this versus the introduction method noted above is that it’ll send a LinkedIn connection invite with your message, allowing the users to more easily connect.

Sharing a LinkedIn contact’s profile:

  1. In the search bar on your LinkedIn home page, type in a contact’s name and locate their profile.
  2. Click their name in the results.
  3. Find the blue “Send a message” button just to the right of their photo, expand the drop-down menu and select “Share Profile”
  4. In the “To:” field, place the contacts you want to send this to (limit 50).
  5. Don’t use the generic message! Personalize why your contacts should connect.
  6. Click “Send Message.”


Linkedin Erik Qualman

Linkedin Introduction

Linkedin Introduction


How to Sell on LinkedIn


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