4 Steps to Find Any Email Address on LinkedIn

4 Steps to Find Any Email Address on LinkedIn

Some users on LinkedIn require you to know their email to connect with them. This can be frustrating when you have met someone or know someone and are trying to connect with them on LinkedIn but don’t have their email address. The good news is Ginny Soskey, Section Editor of the HubSpot blog, came up with this effective step process to help discover any email: Companies have email structures (e.g., @nike.com, @ ford.com, @equalman.com) so our first step is discovering what this is.

Step 1

Where can we find company email structures?

  1. Check out LinkedIn. If you find a first connection that works at the company, look at their “Contact Info” section on their profile to see if they included their work email.
  2. Press releases are a great place to uncover a company’s email address structure. Search for a company’s recent announcements with Google or on their website, if they have a PR person, their contact information should be at the bottom of the release.
  3. Try the company’s blog as well, it will usually include the author’s contact information at the bottom or top of the page.

This site can also help: http://emailbreaker.com/

Step 2

Once you have the structure, put in the name. Say your prospect’s name is Kelly and she works at Equalman. Here is what her email will look like:

[email protected]

This isn’t always 100% accurate because Kelly can be spelled in multiple ways:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Step 3

You could plug in all the email addresses you think are possible with different spellings. We suggest sending the email message to yourself and putting the different possible email addresses as bcc, this way if one of the emails works the prospect won’t see all the variations you tried.

However, there are free tools from HubSpot (HubSpot Sales and HubSpot Sidekick) that can make your life easier. If you download these tools then you can:

Linkedin email

Linkedin email

Compose a message in Gmail and enter each email into the “To” line. If they’re valid, HubSpot Sales will show their profile with information like where they work and their social media profiles.

See how Brian’s information appears in his contact profile? We know this is a legit email address. On the other hand, if the email isn’t valid, we’ll get a blank profile and will have to keep guessing. Yes, this is hard work, but hard work is something your sales competition isn’t willing to do.

Step 4

linkedin structure

Linkedin structure


Perhaps we guessed wrong at the email structure. Below are the most common structures (source: HubSpot):

Hopefully, this worked for you so you can start focusing on sending a message that can’t be ignored.

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