3 Ways to Kill Screen Time and Save Your Kids’ Summer

One Big Thing…

I was flying back from Orlando at some ungodly hour and noticed a six-year-old girl starting to melt down. “I don’t want to wait in line!” she wailed. Neither do I, I thought, as the TSA line wrapped around the corner.

“Honey, calm down. When we get past this line I’ll give you back your iPad,” promised her mom.

A little bit of me died inside.

My heart went out to the kid – and to the Mom. The mom didn’t realize she was grooming a future Screenager. And, it seems saddest in summer—screens replacing swimming and sunscreen. But, what do we do?

3 Ways to Save Summer by Reducing Screen Time:

  1. Summer Bucket List. Failing to plan is planning to fail. There’s an old saying: Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. And your kids’ idle hands will always find a screen. Sit down with your children and plan out activities by the week and by the day (e.g., sand volleyball, jump roping, summer camps, water parks, slip-and-slide, pool play dates, etc.). We suggest making a Summer Bucket List.
  2. Micro Digital Detoxes. You have probably heard of Digital Detox Days. These are great for both kids and adults, but sometimes an entire day without electronics just isn’t the right fit or is simply unrealistic. Instead, infuse micro-detoxes throughout the day. For example, on a recent flight with my daughters, we agreed on no screen time (micro-detox) until they read their books for one hour.
  3. Set the example. Our kids don’t do as we say, but they certainly watch what we do. If you always have your phone out at dinner, at the pool, while driving, in bed… what do you expect your child’s behavior to mimic?

While it’s not as simple as 1-2-3 my hope is that these tips and supporting video (below) give you a fighting chance.


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About the Author: Erik Qualman

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